• 片數:50片
  • 劑量男性:50-100 毫克/天
  • 劑量女性:5-30 毫克/天
  • 活躍的半衰期:9 小時
  • 分類:合成代謝類固醇
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Creto Proviron is an anabolic and androgen steroid. Mesterolone is its main ingredient.

Mesterolone is used mainly for treating low testosterone levels in males and male infertility. This comes in the form of oral tablets.

Aside from improving testosterone levels and fertility, when you buy steroids like Creto Proviron can also be very effective against depression and lack of sexual drive. It’s also helpful on physique and performance enhancement purposes.

You can start with 25 mg per day of Creto Provirion. Then, you can go up when your body adjusts well and as you need. Just make sure you don’t exceed more than 100 mg a day. Most men buy steroids of this type that is good for 8 weeks. The don’t use more than 50 mg per day of Creto Provirion.

Women are not recommended to take this because of very high androgenic activity.

Creto Provirion has a very potent androgenic activity. This means that when women take this, they can get virilization side effects. These include acne, oily skin, male pattern baldness, and more.