• 片數:50片
  • 活躍的半衰期:9 小時
  • 分類:合成代謝類固醇
  • 劑量男性:10MG /天
  • 劑量女性:10MG/天
  • ACNE:很少
  • 保水:否
  • HBR:否
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Apto-Turinabol contains Chlorodehbydromethyltestosterone. This is an androgenic steroid and anabolic steroid taken orally in form of tablets. This is very effective in increasing muscle growth and strength.

When you buy steroids online, make sure you buy the legitimate ones to minimize the risk of side effects. Getting the boost of Apto Turinabol is safer compared to other steroids. This is due to the moderately-low androgenic activity and strong anabolic activity.

Apto Turinabol works similarly with other steroids. However, this has never been approved for any medical needs. It has been created and used for improving physique and enhance performance exclusively.

With Apto Turinobal, you will experience no estrogenic, low androgenic, and moderate anabolic activity. As a result, you can expect slow but constant, quality, and dry muscle gains.

Since Apto Turinabol has low androgenic activity, women can use it to improve their physique and performance. However, remember not to exceed 10 mg a day and use for longer than 4-5 weeks. A dosage between 2.5mg to 7.5mg a day is recommended as stated when you buy steroids online.

On the other hand, men can tolerate much higher doses. A safe and effective dosage is considered to be anywhere between 20 to 50 mg a day. Dosage can split up in 2 even halves a day or use at least once a day to experience good effects.

Using the recommended dosage for weeks would do a great job. It always applies when you buy steroids online. Starting slowly and lower dosage can help your body get accustomed to steroid. Increasing it, later on, can get you better results.

When you buy steroids online, Apto Turinabol is one which you can consider fairly safe compared to many others. However, not because it’s safe would mean that you can abuse it. Apto Turinabol is safe when used properly.